Term & Conditions for direct bookings

By confirming a online reservation, reservation by e-mail or phone you agree with Hotel&SPA Diamant Residence’s rules concerning terms, booking cancellation, cases of no show, etc., as follows:
Simply browsing the Website does not create any agreement whatsoever between Hotel&SPA Diamant Residence and the User. Hotel&SPA Diamant Residence provides information on the Website relating to the Services that it markets thereon.
By accessing and using the Website, the User hereby undertakes to accept the General Terms and Conditions provided herein below (the “Terms and Conditions”); therefore, we recommend that the User reads this section carefully prior to starting.
Hotel&SPA Diamant Residence reserves the right to change, modify, add or delete part of the Terms and Conditions, and make changes to the Services without prior notification at any time.
All the resources and technical requirements required to access the Website and the Services must be borne exclusively by the User, as well as any expenses or taxes that may arise from the provision of the Services.

All prices listed in our website are BGN (or the chosen currency) per room, per day and include VAT, tourist tax and insurance tax.
The prices relating to the reservation of the Services shall be indicated before and during the reservation process.
The prices shall be confirmed to the User with all the taxes included, in the Hotel's commercial currency (in some cases it may be different to the Hotel's local currency) and shall only be valid for the period indicated on the Website.
All reservations, regardless of their origin, must be paid in the Hotel's currency, except when there are particular provisions indicated at the Hotel.
Currency conversion is shown for information purposes only, never contractual purposes. Only the currency that has been confirmed when the reservation is made is guaranteed (if such currency is different to that of the Hotel, the currency conversion costs shall be met by the User).
When making your reservation, please provide the details that you wish to appear on the invoice for services.

The price offer is valid for 48 hours. Hotel&SPA Diamant Residence reserves the right to change the prices and special offers depending on the hotel occupancy.
The quote displayed on the Website shall be based on the rate in force for the User's country of residence, using the User's IP address as reference. In the event that, due to a discrepancy between the User's IP used to access the website and their country of origin, an incorrect calculation is made, Hotel&SPA Diamant Residence reserves the right to change the system's quote, having previously notified the User.
In the event that Hotel&SPA Diamant Residence cancels the reservation due to an act of nature or force majeure, the reservation shall be cancelled without entitling the User to file a claim or request compensation. Such event must be communicated to the User, where possible, via the communication channel used when confirming the reservation.

Reservations at Hotel&SPA Diamant Residence can be made as follow:

  • By phone at +359 884 943 522 or +359 56 971 973 or per e-mail at reservation@bcdiamant.com
  • Online through the website www.hoteldiamantresidence.com
  • Directly in the hotel

1. Reservation by e-mail and telephone
When making a booking by e-mail or phone, it is necessary to send us an inquiry to reservation@bcdiamant.com or call at +359 884 943 522 or +359 56 971 973, providing information about the name of the guest, period of stay, number of nights, number of adults and children (age), after which you will be provided a price offer for accommodation by e-mail or phone.
2. Online booking
You can make an online reservation through the online reservation module on our website after entering the required parameters such as period of stay, number of persons and choosing the desired room type.
3. Reservation on spot directly in the hotel
When making a booking on spot, it is necessary to provide us with the name of the guest, period of stay, number of nights, number of adults and children (age), after which you will be provided with a price offer for accommodation. Price offer can be either presented in a hard copy or by e-mail.

Your reservation is considered confirmed but NOT GUARANTEED until a deposit of 100% of the calculated amount is paid according the conditions valid and confirmed for the concrete reservation. Only after receiving the full amount of the reservation, it is then considered confirmed and GUARANTEED.
In case of а late arrival or no-show, kindly inform us in advance.

1. Payment with a credit card
under a different name to that of the reservation. In the event that the cardholder is not the person who is going to stay at the hotel, the cardholder will have to provide additional information, over and above that normally required as part of the purchasing process. If that information is not provided correctly, payment must be made at the hotel and, if it is not provided at all, the booking will not be valid.
2. Payment at the destination:
Payment may be made by the User in cash or by card at the destination upon arrival at the Hotel. In such case, the User shall enter, in order to guarantee the reservation, the purchaser's credit card information and in the event that they do not show up at the Hotel or they change the details, Hotel&SPA Diamant Residence will charge them the stipulated penalties. Under no circumstance is it guaranteed that the payment method used for the initial guarantee can be used to pay at the destination. Cash payments must be made in the Hotel's currency according to the official BNB fixing 1 EUR = 1.95583 BGN. Payment on spot at the hotel in BGN in cash is accepted only for bookings estimated up to 9,999 BGN. Payment of reservation for more than 10,000 BGN must be by credit/debit card.
3. Payment by bank transfer:
Payment of the reservation can be made by bank transfer to the Hotel&SPA Diamant Residence bank accounts in EUR or in BGN:
Bank account in BGN:
Company name: “Building Company Diamant” Ltd.
Bank address: Branch Plovdiv
IBAN BGN: BG 38 UNCR 7630 1043997849
Bank account in EUR:
Company name: “Building Company Diamant” Ltd.
Bank address: Branch Plovdiv
IBAN EUR: BG 26 UNCR 7630 1475734977
All bank fees and transfer costs are at the client’s expense.In case of payments by bank transfer in EUR, the amount of the reservation should be calculated according to the national fixed exchange rate at 1 EUR = BGN 1.95583.It is necessary to enter your name, hotel and reservation number as a reason for payment.
4. Payment via virtual POS terminal:

Hotel&SPA Diamant Residence respect your confidentiality.
In order to protect you from fraud while making your credit card payment, we apply the best practices recommended by the international card organisations.Security during entry and transmission of card details is ensured by the use of SSL protocol to encrypt the connection between our server and the respective payment page of our bank.Authenticity of your credit card is checked by entering the card verification value (CVV2). In addition, to identify you as a cardholder, our bank’s payment server for e-commerce supports the authentication schemes of the international card organisations – Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode, in case you are registered to use them.Your personal details will be used only for the purpose of handling your reservation and payment will not be disclosed to third parties.
Transaction receipt - If your transaction has been processed successfully a transaction receipt is displayed on the screen which you need to print and keep.
We accept MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron payments. Check with your credit card issuer if your card is online transactions compatible. The transaction currency for credit card payments is BGN.

When requesting a company invoice or individual invoice, it is necessary to send us the below listed details in advance before making the payment to e-mail: reservation@bcdiamant.com or to provide them on spot before making the payment at the hotel or to note in extra comments for online reservation:

  • For company invoice: Company name; Company address; Vat. Registration No.; Financially liable person
  • For individual invoice: Customer full name; Customer address; Personal identity number

Corrections on already issued invoices are not allowed. If customer sends a request for issuing an invoice after the payment has been already received in the hotel’s bank account, in this case the request cannot not be fulfilled.

1.In case of cancellation of a prepaid reservation the terms and conditions confirmed for the concrete reservation will be applied.
2.If cancellation is made at any time later than that referred to in the previous Article 1. or in case of no show, Hotel&SPA Diamant Residence retain 100% of the deposit paid for the reservations.
3.In case of an earlier departure, the amounts for paid reservations are not refunded.

Hotel reserves the right not to allow unacceptable levels of noise or guest behavior. You are responsible for complying with all conventional standards of good conduct during your hotel stay. In case of refusal to comply with the requirements, hotel reserves the right to cancel the booking without being responsible for any refund or indemnity.
Hotel policy does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, nationality, religion, sex, marital status, age, ethnicity or disability. All guests and staff shall be expected to observe this policy and the hotel reserves the right to remove any person or persons who has/have committed an offence against this policy.
Pets are not allowed in the hotel.
All expenses of damage to the hotel property shall be paid by the persons who caused them at market prices.
Any Food and Drinks could not be taken out of the restaurant due to Public and HACCP regulations.
Under Bulgarian legislation smoking is not allowed in all insides areas of the hotel and in the rooms incl.

Your personal data is protected according to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and is used only by the reservation department of Hotel&SPA Diamant Residence.
Building Company Diamant Ltd. with VAT No. BG 040866154, registered office and address of management: Plovdiv 4003, Samara 7 str., is an administrator of personal data and is responsible for compliance with the provisions of the General Personal Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. In this capacity, it has the right to store the client's personal data as follows:

  • For marketing purposes - for a period not longer than 5 years
  • For the purpose of providing hotel or tourist services - for a period not longer than 1 year after departure
  • For accounting documents according to the Accounting Act, art. 42 - for a period of 5 years

Your personal data will not be shared with third parties. Your personal information will be used only for the purposes specified in these regulations.
You have the right to access your personal data; inaccurate data correction; data deleting (the right “to be forgotten”); limitation of processing; portability of my personal data; objection to the processing of my personal data; withdrawal ofconsent to process my personal data; complaint to the Commission for Personal Data Protection.
If you have any questions about data protection, please contact at e-mail: dpo@bcdiamant.com

Hotel&SPA Diamant Residence reserves the right to cancel a reservation in case of force majeureand other reasons beyond the control of the hotelier. In such cases the hotelier:

  • Hotel&SPA Diamant Residence keeps the rights to offer the ccustomer accommodation for another period, by keeping the same conditions.
  • Refunds the deposit paid by the client within 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt of a written request for this from the tourist, and does not owe a penalty to the same.
  • If the guest is unable to travel in case of force majeure and within 10 days before check-in, he/she should notify the hotel, providing written evidence of the reason for force majeure. In this case, the hotel provides accommodation for another period, by offering maintaining the same conditions and prices and without reimbursing the paid deposit.

All bank fees and transfer costs are at the client's expense.

1. The Hotelier takes no responsibility for the Customer in the event of force majeure, which may include: diseases, epidemics, natural disasters, strikes, hostilities both in the Republic of Bulgaria and abroad, threatening people's security or restricting their ability to move, government decisions, interruption of water, electricity, and other services from external suppliers over which the hotel has no control, as well as for any other unforeseen or insurmountable event of an extraordinary nature that occurred after the reservation, which can not be avoided by the Hotelier and his contractors in the fulfilment of their obligations.
2. The Hotelier bears no responsibility to the Customer for food and beverages consumed outside the hotel premises.
3. The Hotelier may seek liability from the Customer in case of an event that may damage the personal dignity of the hotel staff, the hotel's reputation, or the hotel's property.
4. The Hotelier is not responsible and owes no compensation or penalties if, as a result of the Customer 's hooliganism or violation of the hotel's internal order rules, he/she was denied services or had to be ejected from the hotel. This is documented by a protocol signed by officials or other tourists present on site.
5. The Hotelier is not responsible for services selected, self-organized and paid for by the Customer during his/her stay at the hotel.
6. The Hotelier is not liable for any damages incurred by the Customer during his vacation as a result of criminal acts committed by third parties, including theft of the User's property or luggage. In such cases, the hotelier assists the Customer in completing the formalities for the registration of the criminal act so that other hotel guests' usual tourist vacation is not disrupted.

E-mail: reservation@bcdiamant.com
Phone: +359 884 943 522 or +359 56 971 97